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June 1954 Willys Wagon Ad Poster For Sale

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UPDATE: I’ve got 20 posters of the Better Homes and Gardens ad I posted last month for sale. They are 28″ x 22″, the same size as the poster I sold a two years ago (I also ordered twenty additional 1956 Jeep Family posters that I plan on selling, too). 

Posters are $25 each (shipping is included in that for the continental US). Two posters are $45 (shipping included).  EMAIL me at if you’d like one or more. I will accept a check or PayPal.

This better shows the size as compared to my guitar:


Here’s the other poster, one based a 1956 brochure;

poster-better-homes-garden1This shows the original brochure (entire original brochure here) vs. the completed poster.


Original post from June 2020: This June 1954 Willys wagon ad was published in Better Homes and Gardens. It’s such a cool ad that I thought it might make a good poster.



10 Comments on “June 1954 Willys Wagon Ad Poster For Sale

  1. David Eilers Post author

    I’ve cleaned this up and have it ready to print at a 28″ tall x 22″ wide. I just think that the small images will pop more on a larger sized poster. Let me know if you think that’s too big of a size and would prefer it a little smaller (24x18ish) is another option. I plan to purchase between 30-50, depending on the price point discounts.

  2. Dave T in CT

    Hi Dave – I think as you said the bigger size would be nice as long as the images stays in focus I would be interest in two or three – when your ready I’ll send you a check – thanks Dave , for your wonderful site and all you do ! !

  3. Bingo

    I second ‘Dave T in Ct’s’ e motion!
    If you can find any time in the middle of your move, I have interest in a ’56 brochure copy…if any remain available.
    It looks as if there are no ’56 wagons or trucks pictured tho’?!
    ie grill bar moved to top.
    Do you offer any copies of the flip side, that has the proper image of a ’56 grille?
    No rush…after all, your move takes priority. God speed w/dat!

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