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1955-1956 News Articles About Operation Pineapple

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Just this update for Tuesday.


April 22, 1956, Los Angeles Times. Strangely, this photo was published months after arriving in Los Angeles (they were likely here in late December 1955 or early January of 1956). See map below.


The trio began and ended their trip in San Paulo, Brazil. This map shows that they passed Los Angeles on their way home, then headed east towards New Orleans, the trio’s last stop in the United States.

Most folks are already familiar with this trip, but I wanted to add these news reports to the database of Operation Pineapple information. One of the articles noted that the three travelers did not try an American hamburger, because hamburger was fed to dogs in Brazil.

This first article was published shortly after Jan Stekly arrived in New Orleans, because he wasn’t allowed to travel through Mexico. It was published in the August 11, 1955, issue of the Shreveport Journal:


August 11, 1955, issue of the Shreveport Journal. Jan Stekly is shown in the photo.

This November 07, 1955, article, published while the boys were stilling driving north, highlighted the fact that the boys weren’t big fans of the cold.


November 07, 1955, Edmonton Journal.

Three months after that article, the boys reached Fairbanks in November of 1955. Sixty-seven years later, in 2017, we joined Hugo for his second arrival in Fairbanks.


November 15, 1955, Fairbanks Daily News Miner

Finally, in January of 1956, the travelers arrived in New Orleans for a second time, their last stop in America before shipping themselves and their CJ-3B home to Brazil, where they were welcomed with a parade and honors. One of the young spectators watching the parade in Sao Paulo was named Luis. Years later, chance would introduce Luis and Hugo. They became friends and traveled extensively in South America together. In 2017, Luis and his wife Gizelle joined, in their motorhome, the Alaska Rust crew  to celebrate Hugo’s return to Alaska.


January 27, 1956, Shreveport Journal


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