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1953 CJ-3B Round Pond, ME $3500


UPDATE: Still Available.

(09/21/2019) Body is rough.

1954-cj3b-rp-me1 1954-cj3b-rp-me2 1954-cj3b-rp-me3 1954-cj3b-rp-me4

“Straight from an island off the coast is a 1954 Willy’Jeep. Desirable CJ3B model. Partially restored; body rough, but frame and drivetrain solid. Many new parts added to frame and motor. Bag of new parts and manual goes with it. Understanding is that it was stored in a sealed barn for last 10 years when it was put in deep storage. It ran prior to being placed into deep storage and was stored in the proper manner for doing so.”



3 Comments on “1953 CJ-3B Round Pond, ME $3500

  1. Blaine

    I know of about 60 cars that were stored in a sealed barn with a dirt floor in western Washington around 1980. They were just pulled out and about half of them were quite rusty because there wasn’t any air circulation. Sealed storage doesn’t automatically mean preserved.

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