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1954 KW 170X CJ-3B Line of Brochures

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UPDATE: This redone post now shows the four single-page double-sided tri-fold mailers published by the newly established Kaiser Willys marketing team. The first one, “Facts about the Universal ‘Jeep'”, does not have a form number, but the others do. Much of the content is recycled from mailer to mailer.

This Facts About the Universal ‘Jeep’ For Service Stations mailer lacks a form number. It also lacks the KW stamp that is seen on the others. Finally, it labels the f-head as a 72-horsepower engine, while the other mailers have it marked at 75-horsepower. Given the changes, I’d guess this “Facts” brochure was the first one of the four printed:

1953-cj3b-form-no-number-facts-about-the universal-jeep1-lores 1953-cj3b-form-no-number-facts-about-the universal-jeep2-lores

This The ‘Jeep’ Makes its Roads as it Goes! mailer is marked form KW-1702:

1954-form-kw-1702-cj3b-jeep-makes-its-road1-lores 1954-form-kw-1702-cj3b-jeep-makes-its-road2-lores

This ‘Jeep’ Transportation for the Oil Industry mailer is marked form KW-1703:



This The ‘Jeep’ Means Business . . . For Your Station mailer is marked form KW-1704. This is a near copy of the “Facts” mailer listed at top:

1954-form-kw-1704-cj3b-jeep-means-business1-lores 1954-form-kw-1704-cj3b-jeep-means-business2-lores




2 Comments on “1954 KW 170X CJ-3B Line of Brochures

  1. Lew

    Dave, you are becoming quite the literature library. Glad its going to a good home where it will be shared. Thanks.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    I have a shelf full of binders with literature at this point! I still have quite a bit that I haven’t scanned yet and I also have scanned early W-O equipment brochures that i haven’t published. I really need to build a complimentary literature site so I can better organize that information.

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