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CJ-3A Parts Lacrosse, WI


I don’t recognize the PTO box on the rear of this transfer case.


“Misc parts off a 1953 CJ3A I’m selling as I don’t need for my build. More parts listed eventually, but right now:

Tranny/Tcase/PTO Assembly. Tcase and PTO shifters move freely, transmission appears stuck. $250

Rear Axle. Springs not included as I will cut ubolts and keep. $150

Hood, rough shape, but use for decoration or awning over shop door! Has stamped Willys script on it you could cut out and use for decoration. $50”


One comment on “CJ-3A Parts Lacrosse, WI

  1. Glennstin

    I don’t recognize that PTO setup either. It’s a right angle drive to possibly power something in the Jeep bed. Hope someone else chimes in here with who made this.

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