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1951 “4-Wheel Drive Takes You There” Brochures

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In 1951 Willys-Overland launched a “4-Wheel Drive Takes You There brochure” for the Willys Wagon. Subsequently, there appear to have been two additional versions of the brochure, numbered differently, but with seemingly no additional substantive text changes. Each form folds out to a 17″x11″ large format brochure.

The first example of this brochure is burdened with an unusually long form identifier: Form 4X4735W-M1-100M, a number which leverages the wagon-model-type (4x473SW) as part of the numbering system.





This second version of the brochure is available on eBay. Given the grille style doesn’t change for this iteration, I can only assume that this version of the brochure was also printed in 1951. It has the updated form name of 4X4735W-M2-100M-251. It is possible the “251” at the end of the form number means it was printed in February of 1951.


1951-4X473SW-M2-100M-251-4-wheel-drive-takes-you-there-wagon-brochure2 1951-4X473SW-M2-100M-251-4-wheel-drive-takes-you-there-wagon-brochure3 1951-4X473SW-M2-100M-251-4-wheel-drive-takes-you-there-wagon-brochure4

This third version of the brochure is on eBay. While the color is updated from brown to blue, the grille style still doesn’t change in this third iteration; again I think this version of the brochure was printed in 1951. It has the updated form name of 4X4735W-M3-50M-451. It is possible the “451” at the end of the form number means it was printed in April of 1951.

1951-4X473SW-M3-50M-451-4-wheel-drive-takes-you-there-wagon-brochure1 1951-4X473SW-M3-50M-451-4-wheel-drive-takes-you-there-wagon-brochure2 1951-4X473SW-M3-50M-451-4-wheel-drive-takes-you-there-wagon-brochure3 1951-4X473SW-M3-50M-451-4-wheel-drive-takes-you-there-wagon-brochure4


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