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2021 Ford Bronco “Built Wild” Coming Soon

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Ford is excited to exorcise the “juice is loose” moniker from the Ford Bronco, a vehicle lined last produced in 1996, by introducing a new Ford Bronco line.


3 Comments on “2021 Ford Bronco “Built Wild” Coming Soon

  1. Scoutingranch

    I “was” a Ford Bronco (gen 1 only) guy. Any company that thinks it’s a good idea to put a forced injection 6 in a big SUV with no option of a V8 ain’t got a lick o’ sense. Now the new Bronco “only” has forced injection? With no option of a normally aspirated V6 and certainly no option of a V8 !!

    No thank you.

  2. Brad

    Hey Ford! if you want to sell me a car, make a video that shows the car and tell me about it. I can find outdoor travel video elsewhere. Hope they put more thought into designing the vehicle than they did into the video. Stay safe and have a jeep day.

  3. Race

    May be another Ford poor seller due to low power/high price? How many times now and Ford still hasn’t learned? Lincoln LS? Mercury Marauder?

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