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Year? Jeepney Salem, OH $22,000

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UPDATE: Price dropped to $22,000. Rudy noted that this was sold at auction in 2014.

(07/05/2019) Craig shared this nice looking Jeepney. It’s got a number of cool details, including a map of the midwest painted on the ceiling. Listed as a 1946, I couldn’t say for sure if that year is accurate or not.

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“1946 F-134, T-90 3 speed, if you want a vehicle to take to the car and Jeep shows that will always bring a smile and draw a crowd this is it!! Super rare to find in this country, Jeepneys were made after WWII when we left our Jeeps in the Philippines, the people there were very crafty and creative, they turned the WWII Army Jeeps into colorful people haulers, there are only a few in this country, here is your chance for a cool vehicle for your collection that is guaranteed to stand out.”

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7 Comments on “Year? Jeepney Salem, OH $22,000

  1. san miguel

    very rare to get an actual jeepney in the states , I always liked how they mixed cj and utility model stuff on them ..

  2. Colin Peabody

    Advertised as a F-134, but is actually a Go Devil L-134 engine. I do like these Jeepneys, though!


    wanna see the latest jeepneys ? – go to Gabriel Travelers youtube website and look for his recent stop in PHILLIPINES , hes an old Humboldt state hippie , like me , the newer jeepneys don’t have as much willys stuff as the old ones .

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