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1973 CJ-6 Rockland, ME $12,000


Seller provides a detailed looked at this CJ-6. It runs, but has some things that need to be finished.

1973-cj6-rockland-me0 1973-cj6-rockland-me1 1973-cj6-rockland-me2 1973-cj6-rockland-me3 1973-cj6-rockland-me4

“If you know what a CJ-6 is, then I’ve already got your attention. If not, look them up. They are quite rare, and are the grandfather to the CJ8 and the modern day Wrangler Unlimited. This is the last model year for domestic sales and was part of the transitional period from Willys parts over to AMC parts. As such, some cosmetic parts are one year specific and are nearly impossible to find.. nearly.. time and money was all it took. Gave up counting receipts a long time ago. Nobody would have spent that much money on it, unless they considered it to be a hobby.

This Jeep came to me about 8 years ago in really rough shape. It ran and drove but needed a lot of work. Faithfully “resto-modded” with a few things still left to work out if desired. It came from the previous owner with the straight 6 258 and a 5 speed on the floor instead of three. I like the upgrade, but unfortunately don’t recall which model transmission it is. It works very well, and the upper gears allow you to “comfortably” keep up with regular traffic. It also has a custom set of dual exhaust headers and tailpipes that give it a wonderful throaty growl.

Here is a (probably partial) list of what I did to it.

-full body work up, all bad body metal was cut out and removed. New panels were fabricated and welded into place. Three layers of progressively finer filler to smooth things out. 2k primer and original matching “Trans Am Red” enamel paint job. Whole process was documented with a photo album so you can see what was done. Presents very nicely, and I’m always getting thumbs ups and smiles on the road.

-everything on the underside (that could be reached with bloodied knuckles) was wire brushed clean, treated with muriatic acid, rinsed, dried and covered with POR15. Frame is in reasonably good shape and is solid.

-all wiring was removed and replaced with a color coded, and labeled, EZ harness.

-new gas tank and sending unit installed. (Still need to connect the wire)

-new ignition parts, plug wires, battery..etc

-rebuilt the brakes and installed all new brake lines.


-original 60/40 front bench seat was sourced and installed with original mounting hardware. Stupid mouse found it in shipping and made a hole in the back of the “40” portion (see photos) I have the rear seat but never installed it because I like driving to the hardware store in it. Other period correct and “impossible” to find bits include.
-correct tail lights.
-correct “reverse” lenses.
-correct embossed logo tail gate.
-correct logo seat belts.. (really tough to find!)
-New Old Stock Witco safari soft top with doors. Halfway installed as I never intend on driving it in the rain, so the doors never got put on, and the snaps need to be installed.
-New Old Stock factory 8 piece carpet kit in red. Still in the box.
-correct steel wheels painted cream white with period logo hubcaps with spares.
-matching set of 5 new (2 years ago) bias ply tires.
-NOS side mounted spare tire mount and marker lens.


– rear mounted CB antenna whip.
– bracket behind seats to hang backpacks, vintage camping lamp, and cooler.
– big tube side steps mounted to frame.
– I think I put a rebuilt, or nos or, something in the speedo/gauges.. don’t remember. Have spares anyway.
– big beefy steel bumpers.
– “custom” floor mats.
– vintage dash mounted compass.
– Original shop manual, and a whole slew of original sales and promotional documents.
– Neat stickers on the dash board!
– Marine push/pull switches installed in dash.
– New plastic glove box
– ‘73 MAINE plates.
– Neat “#6” billiard ball shift knob.
– Working heater!
– Webber carb.
– Working high and low beams (footswitch), turn signals, and back up lamps.
– 4 wheel drive functions.. but I don’t use but but once a year “in the yahd” to make sure it is lubed and working.


mashed up ‘73 dash and steering column. I was going to clean it all up and put it in as the dash on this is from a later date. But never got around to it and stopped caring.
Various marker lights and bulbs and stuff.
Period correct Jeep am radio
Rear view mirror
Sun visors
Chrome air intake cover
Chrome “flip down” cup holders
Jeep (pre ‘71) grill badge
Primed bumperettes
Chrome lens rings and front marker lenses.
Front seat latch plate
Side mounted spare tire mount
NOS wood and chrome steering wheel kit
Steering rod tunnel
Fan shroud
Floor panning for passenger side
“Levi’s” edition dash pad
New in box correct “yellow” shocks
3 CB radios. Two KRIS XL-50 and a ROYCE I-655
AFI A-23 dual chrome horns
NOS chrome fender mounted cable driven spotlight.
Whatever other hoarded away stuff I find between now and then.
Little can of touch up paint.

If you just want to bang around town in it, you can do nothing and enjoy it as it is, like I have.
Or, you can continue the journey and finish it off by:
cleaning up or replace the dash and windshield frame. They are serviceable, but I got tired of sanding by then and didn’t care about the boogers under the paint.

Make all gauges work. I know the temp and oil gauges work and that’s all I cared about. The speedo needs to be looked at as does the fuel gauge (s unit is there, just never got round to running it to the dash.)

Reconnect e-brake cable that is dangling above the rear axle.
Replace the steering column with one of those nifty aftermarket hot rod units. The one that is in it is a tilt steering with column ignition that is wrong for the Jeep. It does what it is supposed to, you spin it and the wheels turn, so I left it for now.

It has a power steering leak, but not a big one. I add fluid every year or so.
Install rear license plate frame in appropriate location. (Below left brake light)
Replace the odd stainless steel custom fan shroud from PO with the appropriate plastic one.
Finish installing the soft top, and the rugs.. or don’t.
Install CB radio, add siren and spot light for more fun!
Mileage? Unknown.. I gave up on that a long time ago.”


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