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January 1950 Pop Mechanics Sky-High Painter

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Gayland spotted this unusual setup for painting tall places from a jeep. This was published on page 114 of the January 1950 issue of Popular Mechanics. Just hope it isn’t a windy day!


The is a better look at the rigging:


And a close up of the jeep:




5 Comments on “January 1950 Pop Mechanics Sky-High Painter

  1. Mike

    This kind of looks like a RUBE GOLDBERG contraption, it works, just the same, say a few prayers before you visit any spirits in the sky. (Norman Greenbaum).

  2. rdjeep

    This is one reason I enjoy this site so much, seeing the unique things they cam up with for the Jeep platform. HOWEVER…. this one definitely leads the charge in the wacky department.

  3. Brian Lawrenz

    I’m just trying to figure out how he raised and lowered it? One man show or did he have to have a partner. Where’s the paint bucket too?

  4. David Eilers Post author

    Brian: Maybe a second person is the one taking the photo? I wish we had a closer look.

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