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1951 Photo of MacArthur in Jeep on eBay

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It’s a good situation when you have people to remove your jeep’s chains….

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“1951 Press Photo Korea, soldiers remove tow chains from Gen. MacArthur’s jeep. This is an original press photo. Central Korean front — Gen. MacArthur flew to the Korean Central front today on his 13th visit since the war. Marines are pictured here removing chains from MacArthur’s jeep after it was towed from Hongchon R. when it stalled while fording river. Gen. Ridgway is in rear of jeep (back to camera).Photo measures 9 x 7inches. Photo is dated 03-20-1951.”





5 Comments on “1951 Photo of MacArthur in Jeep on eBay

  1. Terry

    MacArthur won The Medal Of Honor for his valor in WWI , sounds like some Marines were jealous or just dumb .

  2. JW

    Terry, check again. MacArthur was nominated for a MoH during the Veracruz occupation in 1914, but was not awarded. MacArthur was also nominated for the MoH in WWI but it was not awarded. He received two DSCs and seven Silver Stars, all of which are usually awarded only for valor in combat. He only received a MoH for defense of the Philippines in 1942. Say what you will about MacArthur, there is no dispute that he had a hell of a career and led of life of service to his country.

  3. Bingo

    Say what you will about the guy who fired him too. Truman was a no nonsense prez… himself in a lotta hot water, but history proves yet again that popular opinions, or maybe I should say, Hollywood/TV/PBS/ are biased & don’t know shit…….unless they’re feeding it to ya’ll from their silver spoons.
    Dugout Doug is accurate. Ridgway got ‘r dunn w/o any politics!

  4. Terry

    Yes I checked, MacArthur was awarded the Medal Of Honor 1Apr 42 for his service in the Philippine Campaign . His father Arthur MacArthur Jr. also had won the MOH making them the first father and son to win the MOH .

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