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1965 Article on Jeeping in Colorado

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A CJ-V35/U landed on the front page of the Leisuretime Magazine, published by the Gazette Telegraph out of Colorado Springs, Colorado, on August 07, 1965. It looks like the  jeep has been modified with a taller radiator (and perhaps another engine), which apparently led to the lack of a hood.

For the story, the writer spent some time with the Mountain Airs Citizen Band Radio Club (not the catchiest of names). I didn’t realize that CB clubs were a ‘thing’, but there was even a magazine dedicated to that group of folks called S9. Here’s an example from 1966 (one in which the Mountain Airs’ name appears somewhere):

Below is the Gazette Telegraph article:

1965-08-07-gazette-telegraph-cs-colo-jeeping1-lores 1965-08-07-gazette-telegraph-cs-colo-jeeping2 1965-08-07-gazette-telegraph-cs-colo-jeeping3-lores 1965-08-07-gazette-telegraph-cs-colo-jeeping4-lores


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  1. Barney Goodwin

    CB radios in the 60s and 70s were pretty cool and handy until it became a fad . Still have an NOS 23 CH radio in the box in inventory with all the forms to send in to the govt if you didn’t have the license.
    KIN2773 The Chowhound!

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