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Newspaper Delivery by Jeep

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The Statesville Record and Landmark newspaper out of Statesville, North Carolina, described in the December 29, 1955, issue how up to eight jeeps are used to make sure rural customers received their newspapers, summer or winter, through rain, snow, or sleet.



2 Comments on “Newspaper Delivery by Jeep

  1. SE Pennsylvania Steve

    Wow, this article is one big testimonial for the jeep’s ability to go off road in all kinds of bad weather. I wonder how many people bought a jeep after reading this.

  2. Mike

    Having been in the newspaper delivery business from childhood, Willys Jeeps have always been a part of it. Starting in the mid 1960’s when my dad helped me deliver the Sunday edition of the Newark News. We would load up the 1960 Willys wagon and I”D sit on the open tailgate and run the paper up to the customer’s door. When I got my driver’s license, I bought my own Willys wagon for single delivery and bundle drops, Plenty of room in a cracker box wagon for those big holiday editions, stacked them in order of delivery, reached over the front seat & grabbed the next bundle. Aside from my previous stories about delivering using a FJ3a Fleetvan, I’ve used my 48 CJ2A, a Jeepster Commando, (would drive down the sidewalk with that one) and when I took the top off my CJ5, delivery was a “BREEZE” in more ways than one. Cut 45 minutes off my route time. Then there were my co-workers who used their DJ5 Postal Jeeps for delivery. “BIG JOHN” RAYTAC had a RHD postal Jeep and delivered his entire route with out ever leaving the driver;s seat. Those sliding doors were a GIFT FROM ABOVE.” Of course “Big John” always received, shall we say, special requests from customers, requesting delivery closer to the door. John would always reply, “how bout I stick where the sun don’t shine? Another true adventure story from my memory vault.

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