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1948 CJ-2A Cincinnati, OH $12,000


The seller seems to have problems switching the transfercase levers.





“I am selling my 1948 Willys CJ-2A … It has always been a dream of mine to own a 40’s vintage jeep decked out in WWII fashion like this ever since I was a young man. I’ve had my fun with it, but now I am more concerned about needed garage space vs. having this. I will sell for the right price, but I certainly won’t give it away.

First and foremost, I do have a clean title to the vehicle. If you don’t follow these things that closely, that is a somewhat rare occurrence.

The jeep is in VERY good shape with very little rust and a body that is in great shape (original body, not a fiberglass version). Here’s what I’ve done to it since owning it:

1. Installed a new head gasket
2. Polish cylinder heads
3. Replaced one cylinder
4. New brake master cylinder and wheel cylinders
5. New brake shoes on all four wheels
6. Cleaned and re-packed all bearings on all wheels
7. New distributor cap
8. New points
9. New thermostat
10. New lower radiator hose
11. Complete oil change / new filter / new oil pan plug
12. Removed all transmission covers, cleaned, repainted, and installed new gaskets
13. Drained gear oil out of front and rear transfer cases, new gaskets, new gear oil
14. New steering tie rod
15. Clean carburetor, new gasket
16. Flush radiator and engine and install new anti-freeze
17. Installed front window latches
18. New transmission shift lever boot
19. New dual shift lever boot
20. New ground strap
21. 12 Volt conversion with fuse box.
22. Installed emergency brake system.
23. New fuel pump.

To get the vehicle perfect, here are the items that remain that I am aware of:

24. Rear wheel – four wheel drive / hi-lo shifters don’t always work perfectly. As such, I don’t switch this setting from its current position. It drives just fine as set, and I won’t move it out of the current settings.
25. Someone more talented than me needs to bleed the brake lines a wee bit better. They certainly work, but not as well as I would like them to.
26. Vehicle horn isn’t grounding as well as it should. Probably an easy fix, but haven’t taken the time to investigate it.

I realize the vehicle isn’t perfect and is not a PERFECT restoration, but it is awfully good. Parade ready and a real head turner whenever I drive it around the township! To that end, I suspect I’ve driven it a couple of hundred miles since reconditioning the engine


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