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1947 CJ-2A Tribune, KS $10,500


UPDATE: Still Available. 0307

“Willies overland, has a Wisconsin v4 retrofitted to an air compresser factories fited to the jeep for the navy. Not sure of the year of manufacture. Not sure how much it is worth but very collectible . Computer would not let me post with out a price. body #10183 I Think.”

1945-cj2a-tribune-ks0 1945-cj2a-tribune-ks1 1945-cj2a-tribune-ks2 1945-cj2a-tribune-ks3 1945-cj2a-tribune-ks4


6 Comments on “1947 CJ-2A Tribune, KS $10,500

  1. Matt in CT

    101830 would make it an early 47. Thats a pretty neat looking compressor setup! I hope it stays with the Jeep once purchased

  2. Randy Grittman

    That is a pretty cool Jeep! I love the air compressor set up!
    Could I please ask for a favor! Could you send some photographs of the Jeep, I am very interested!
    Thank you very much!

  3. Gayland Leddy

    Just personal, if someone is asking 10k for any vehicle, you would think They would take the time to wash the dirt and bird manure off of it.

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