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4 Mule M-274 Engines CDA, ID $1000

• CATEGORIES: Other 4x4s

All four for $1000 or $500/each.


“4 Willys M274 4-cylinder air cooled engines
All 4 engines are complete except one is missing the magneto and another is missing the carburetor.
They include bell housings and flywheels. Two have the clutch and pressure plate
3 turn over freely, 1 is stuck
1 has a military rebuild tag from Marine Corps Systems Command in Albany, Georgia with a date of 6-6 or 8 (can’t read the rest) Another has a rebuild tag of 12-65.

I bought these from the estate of a collector. I don’t know their condition other than their completeness. They were tucked under his work bench and obviously had been there for years.

$500 each or all 4 for $1,000.”


2 Comments on “4 Mule M-274 Engines CDA, ID $1000

  1. Joe Heinrich

    Are you able to put the mule engines on pallets and deliver to a freight company? Can you estimate a shipping price to Andover, ma, usa? I am interested in all four.

    Joe H

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