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Here’s the Baby-jeep — A Bassinet from Holland

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This unusual brochure shares information about the Baby-jeep, a bassinet available in three colors–blue, ivory, and salmon–that was produced out of Holland. The brochure includes a small, illustrated jeep on the cover. It’s printed on thick paper that makes for a nice brochure, but I’m still not sure why it is call a “Baby-jeep”.

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6 Comments on “Here’s the Baby-jeep — A Bassinet from Holland

  1. Mike

    I’ve been thinking about this Baby Jeep thing all morning, I logically assume this would have to be printed after the war. most likely the late 40’s. The best I can figure out as to why Jeep was used in the product name, was to grab attention from GI’s returning to the states, and the general population of Europe, looking at their wives and girlfriends, with LUST in their hearts and having babies.
    In a moment of passion, a guy, can loose common sense and equate Jeeps with Baby bassinets. I ask you, what else could it be?
    *Note that the advertising brochure is in English, but the supplier is listed with a European address. Being it’s printed in English, most likely also marketed in the U.S.A. Logic, the brain works now & then.

  2. Barney Goodwin

    The Dutch definitely liked the Jeep and identified with it and the American GI in a special way. One of my favorite pieces in our collection is an ashtray: On the top side is a relief of a GI in an WW2 Jeep waving with the caption “Hello Mr. Jeep” ; on the underside in relief is ” Souvenir of Liberated Holland 1944″ . The war wasn’t even over and they were making souvenirs of their liberation and celebrating the Jeep while nicknaming the GI, “Mr. Jeep”! Priceless!

  3. David Eilers Post author

    Mike, I suppose it could have also been marketed to the Brits, but I agree USA seems more likely. Perhaps there is something lost in translation from Dutch? Given the high quality and heavy weight paper used for this brochure, I suspect it was aimed at an affluent crowd rather than the average GI, but it’s all just a guess.

  4. David Eilers Post author

    That reminds me (for what it is worth), back in the 1990s we had a Ikea-like version of this as a changing table rather than a bassinet. It was really handy to have all that stuff stored and accessible for changing diapers.

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