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Some Random Jeep Parades

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Just this one post for Tuesday …

A search of Jeep parades at revealed endless WWII and post-WWII jeep parades for a myriad of causes. Below is a sample:

This August 08, 1943, photo and article published in the Charlotte Observer highlights a jeep parade held for Army Air Force recruitment.


A June 17, 1942, blurb in the Marysville Journal Tribune noted that Marlene Dietrich and 100 jeeps would be parading in Toledo for a War Bond drive.


Sinbad the dog, a decorated 8-year veteran of the Coast Guard, got his own jeep parade according to a January 09, 1946, article in the Marysville Journal-Tribune out of Ohio.


The March 06, 1946, issue of The Leader-Post out of Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, reported that the first 100 jeeps to be imported into Colombia formed a parade in Bogota.


A July 24, 1942, article in the Kansas City Start noted a large jeep parade was held for early heroes of WWII.

Clipping from The Kansas City Star -

And, finally, this isn’t exactly a ‘parade’, but an August 10, 1960, ad by Jantzen in the Spokane Chronicle informed readers that parades of pink jeeps would be ferrying stars from the local airport to the town’s The Crescent theatre. (Remember, “Wise is the girl who steps out in Belles socks by Belle Sharmeer, …”).

1960-08-10-spokane-chronicle-jeep-parage-surreys-pink-jeeps-lores2 1960-08-10-spokane-chronicle-jeep-parage-surreys-pink-jeeps-lores


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