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1962? Gladiator Brochure/Pamphlet

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UPDATE: After reading this more carefully, I agree with Don that this is likely something that was aimed as dealers. It is an odd piece for sure.

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4 Comments on “1962? Gladiator Brochure/Pamphlet

  1. Vintage Don

    I doubt this was ever a commercial – it reads far more like an in-house presentation to Dealers / sales people. “Increase truck sales at every Jeep dealer” – “…give it market appeal” – “for thoes customers who….” They’re talking about SELLING it – not BUYING it. About attracting customers, and how to pitch it.

    My guess would be more likely a slide show (versus video), and this was the script to be read for each slide as it came up – presenting the new Gladiator product to the people who were going to be SELLING it.

    Regardless, it’s very cool!

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Thanks Don. I’ve read back through this and think your take is correct.

    – Dave

  3. Barney Goodwin

    I agree with Don. Important because this was not just one new product (like the recent Wrangler PU), but a whole new product line. The dealerships were also provided a nice, leatherette binder (in our collection) with actual color photographs pasted in gold borders opposite specification pages. According to Ron Szymanski, former Jeep House museum curator, Jeep added 1000 additional employees at Toledo – including himself – for this new line alone. Significant in Jeep history.

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