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Kristi KT-4G Snow Cat Salem, OR $25,000

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Marty spotted this rare (only one of two according to the seller) Krisit Company KT-4G Snow Cat. It uses a CJ-5 body with a Meyer hardtop.

“This is 1 of 2 ever produced KT-4G units

Perfect item for a snowcat collector who’s looking for a unique snowcat or a very rare Kristi cat, and Yes… this is a Jeep CJ cab on it, which makes it all that better and more rare – fitting in with your Jeep collection as well.

Running engine when parked few years ago, tracks still got life in them if one wanted to simply get it started and run it for a season or more. Some rust on floor pans, but nothing that cant be quickly fixed/repaired for upcoming seasons use, or put this machine through a proper restoration and make it a museum peace for everyone to envy.

Its very complete with all of the original parts, rest can be easily purchased at most auto-part stores.

Unit is not oversized, thus making it easy to transport and deliver”

kristi-kt-4g-snowcat-salem-or-1 kristi-kt-4g-snowcat-salem-or-2 kristi-kt-4g-snowcat-salem-or-3 kristi-kt-4g-snowcat-salem-or-4

kristi-kt-4g-snowcat-salem-or-5 kristi-kt-4g-snowcat-salem-or-6 kristi-kt-4g-snowcat-salem-or-7 kristi-kt-4g-snowcat-salem-or-8 kristi-kt-4g-snowcat-salem-or-9 kristi-kt-4g-snowcat-salem-or-10


5 Comments on “Kristi KT-4G Snow Cat Salem, OR $25,000

  1. doug

    The tracks look like they could be remade fairly easily-just two strips of rubber with all the cleats bolted to them.

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