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Summer 2020 Dispatcher Magazine

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The Sumer 2020 Dispatcher Magazine arrived in my mailbox this weekend. Jim Allen’s feature article on the Jeepster Commando designs was particularly interesting. I knew there were a variety, but I didn’t know there were this many!

2020-summer-dispatcher-mag-cover 2020-summer-dispatcher-mag


10 Comments on “Summer 2020 Dispatcher Magazine

  1. Bob

    I have not read it yet, but I did look at some of the photos. The ones with the gladiator and CJ grills intrigue me.

  2. James Hybicki

    interesting the Dispatcher magazine the magazine of the willys jeep shows a 1941 FORD GP vehicle on the cover photo. Who edits this?

  3. David Eilers Post author


    Given the image references an article about the resources Ford put into building both GPs and GPWs (and how things might have been different if Willys had Ford’s resources), it seems an appropriate image (and a cool one that I hadn’t seen). I’m not sure what the problem is here?

    – Dave

  4. James Hybicki

    Didn’t say there was a problem but why not show a Willys production line photo rather than a Ford pre-standardized vehicle production line. After all it is a Willys magazine. No need for additional comments here, just pointing out the Ford Versus Willys loyalties. Probably not too many people noticed the fact that it was a GP anyway, just the few of us that have to put up with significant others that roll their eyes when we notice these things.

  5. James Hybicki

    BTW I do love this site. Have actually chased down and purchased 2 jeeps (M151 and M151a2) after seeing the item here.

  6. David Eilers Post author

    James … I have seen those eyeball rolls first hand 🙂 … the point of the article is that we likely wouldn’t be talking about Fords at all if Willys had had the resources Ford did to build jeeps.

    On a side note, I’d argue that had Willys been able to deliver all jeeps necessary (meaning no Ford involvement at all) that we’d be referring to jeeps as JEEPs and not Willys at all; It was Ford’s suit against Willys claim to the trademark Jeep in 1944 that forced W-O to abandon JEEP branding. Instead, the company was forced to revert back to the “Willys Jeep” branding.

  7. David Eilers Post author

    Glad you enjoy the site and that it has proven useful! And, I have not problem having these exchanges. I often learn new things (so much to learn).

    – Dave

  8. Bill Norris


    Thanks for posting this for us.


    As for the cover, Kevin and I debated on which photo to use. We thought the Ford line was fairly interesting and a shot not too many have seen. Our thoughts were its still Jeep and significant to the Willys story.

    As for it being a ‘Willys//Jeep’ Magazine, we state that so people know its not just about 1/4 Jeeps, but other Willys vehicles. Maybe we need to rethink that.


  9. Bob

    Bill, I don’t think you need to rethink that at all. Ford has a significant place in the history of Willys jeeps, and thus should be talked about. Plus my Empire was on the cover once, and only the drivetrain in that was made by Willys.

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