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Wooden Pedal Jeep for Kids Turner, OR $150

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TJ spotted this custom built toy jeep.

“Very sturdy built wooden pedal car, heavy, one of a kind.”

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4 Comments on “Wooden Pedal Jeep for Kids Turner, OR $150

  1. Craig in ME

    Not so much ‘one of a kind’. Maybe for the seller it is, but plans for this build came from an old magazine in the 60’s. When I taught Industrial Arts, my high school class built four of these in teams of three about 13 years ago. Except for the paint job, and various ‘personal touches’, they all looked the same. Some of the parts listed in the plans were obsolete, so had to make do with what we could find. Not so much a pedal jeep as a ‘treadle’ jeep if you look carefully.

  2. David Eilers Post author


    Good to know. Maybe I have those plans somewhere. I was wondering about the ‘pedals’, as I didn’t see them, but figured the seller *should* know whether it had pedals or not (misplaced optimism on my part I suppose).

    – Dave

  3. Steve Keim

    My grandfather and uncle built one very similar for me and my brother in the late 80’s. Within the last few years, I stripped it down and re-painted it. I actually have copies of the plans if anyone is interested. Happy to send pics of the wooden jeep and plans to Dave.

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