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1964 CJ-5 Tux Park IV Edgewood, WA $7999


UPDATE: Still Available.

(06/24/2020) If all it needs is cleaning, it could be a good price. Has a Meyer hardtop.

“Pretty solid taken care of”

1964-cj5-tux-park-IV-standwood-wa2 1964-cj5-tux-park-IV-standwood-wa3 1964-cj5-tux-park-IV-standwood-wa4


5 Comments on “1964 CJ-5 Tux Park IV Edgewood, WA $7999

  1. Barney Goodwin

    Seems like a fair price. I’d just be concerned what’s under the diamond plates. And I have to smile about the fresh air hose to the heater. ABS drain pipe with a schedule 40 elbow at the plinth. That’s as good as the bottle opener we saw on the back of the 2A. Folks, before you do this, we sell the 30″ hose in aircraft grade with clamps.

  2. Denny Napier

    Seller doesn’t say anything about the engine – what it is out of – and paint looks awful in the close-up pix on Facebook. Still – I’d love to grab those bumpers!

  3. David Eilers Post author

    I expect that the diamond plate was put over the metal when it was in good shape, given how the rest of the body looks. Typically, here in the PNW, the metal should hold up pretty well if the jeep was well-cared for, which it looks like this one was. The additional of diamond-plating was a very popular add-on in this area.

  4. james schuchardt

    It’s also missing the chrome plate holder/ light. The hardest part of a tux project to find

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