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1967 CJ-6 Portsmouth, NH Make Offer


Not sure how much value is here. The price listed is $1001.

“I have a 67 here with the odd fire v6 that runs. The frame is pretty good, i didn’t find soft spots in it but it got lots of surface rust. The rear springs are wrong, 2 owners ago got fronts and stuffed them in the rear all wrong. I have had the vin verification done and it is registered in NH. I dont have the title. The brakes are bad and the body is a bit rough. It shifts well. I havent had the engine fired in a while because the battery cables are junk but if you’re serious about it we can get it to fire up I’m sure. It eill have good usable tires on it. Make me a good offer and come get it.”

1967-cj6-portsmouth-nh2 1967-cj6-portsmouth-nh3


8 Comments on “1967 CJ-6 Portsmouth, NH Make Offer

  1. Mike

    Is that a rock wall drive in basement, how cool, always wanted a drive in basement, dreamed of one when I was a kid. Whata matta? Didn’t every kid dream of a drive in basement?

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Nope, not really Mike 🙂 … my father decided he wanted a basement in our house. So, with a pick, a shovel and a wheel narrower, he dug out underneath the house, while carefully installing a new foundation made of cinder blocks. Despite plans for stairs, he never installed them. So, you had to enter from the outside. At first, it was a big play area for us kids. But, we got bored of that. Eventually, he got into lifting weights. Twenty years later, he had the basement full of weights and home made lifting equipment. He would spend hours three or four times a week down there. It quickly got too musty for me to enough being down there, but that never seemed to bother him.

  3. Mike

    Dave, you must of had a great dad with a dream and the will to follow it through. Hard work and a dream, the American story. Thanks

  4. David Eilers Post author

    Thanks Mike. He was never afraid to tackle a project. He was never a particularly social person, but ask him to build or fix something and he was all over it. In ‘retirement’ he went to work for Home Depot. He liked showing kids how to build things, but became frustrating by the low quality of wood toys for the kids offered by Home Depot. So, he created his own toy wooden kits for kids.

  5. Blaine

    Mike, I dreamed of of basement garage too! Twenty five years ago I was able to buy a side-hill, in town lot across the street from my auto repair business and build a house with a basement garage. The slope upward was to the left and back. To make it work, I had to angle the house on the lot. To test the driveway approach angle and garage park angle, I used my older brother’s 1971 Jeep J-4000. (See, this IS a Jeep story)

  6. Mike

    That is a great story, and you know how I love stories, (sign of old age, Me?) I think that’s what makes life worthwhile, when you hang on to your dream, then realize it’s become reality.
    When I moved from NJ, I put in an offer on a house with a similar design as yours, drive in basement with room for 3 cars, it was rejected, but in the end, all worked out for the best, I bought another house, No drive in basement, but a garage and workshop with room for my three (3) Jeeps plus 2 more vehicles.
    And now, for a little bit of sugary, sweet, sentimentality, “DREAMS CAN COME TRUE, IT CAN HAPPEN TO YOU, IF YOU’RE YOUNG AT HEART”. OK, enough of this corny stuff for to day, Thanks Blaine, your post made my day!

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