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1950 CJ-3A Monroe, CT $4500


The seller includes the p# on one of the pics on Craigslist.

“1950 Cj3a has plow allso has the 134 Godevil with the Supersonic head on it this little jeep Run Grrreat Awsome little Jeep breaks work as they should this jeep all origanal oil bath filter 6volt with double 6volt so she fires rite up the plow is a 2way No Title”

1950-cj3a-monroe-ct90 1950-cj3a-monroe-ct91 1950-cj3a-monroe-ct92 1950-cj3a-monroe-ct93 1950-cj3a-monroe-ct94


2 Comments on “1950 CJ-3A Monroe, CT $4500

  1. Mike

    Looking at the hydraulic plow pump, it was always necessary to move the oil filter, or just leave it off all together as they did in the old days. Looking at this 3A with the filter mounted on the left, was it possible to do this without having to remove the head bolts?

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Mike, I didn’t realize the filter needed to be moved, but it makes sense. I will have to watch for that in other jeeps. I know of no way to remove the bracket without removing those head nuts.

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