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2 CJ-2As Manchester, KY $2500


UPDATE: These are back up for sale. They were last listed in 2016.

(08/22/2016) The red 1946 CJ-2A looks to have some kind of rear PTO.

“I have a 1948 Willis Jeep Willy willys…… And a 1946 Jeep…..for sale……both r 4 wheel drive….the 1948 has pto in rear of Jeep…seems all b original…. I don’t know anything about the condition of motor r drivetrain on either.. was told they both had been running and driving .a year. So before I got them…both Jeeps is old and rusty…. I do have a clear title for both Willis jeeps ….in my name…”

2-cj2as-manchester-ky1 2-cj2as-manchester-ky2 2-cj2as-manchester-ky3 2-cj2as-manchester-ky4

Photos from the last time they were posted:


1946-1948-cj2as-ky0 1946-1948-cj2as-ky1 1946-1948-cj2as-ky2 1946-1948-cj2as-ky3 1946-1948-cj2as-ky4


3 Comments on “2 CJ-2As Manchester, KY $2500

  1. Lew

    I’ll bite. What is sticking out of the rear of the red one, the thing that looks sort of like a rear PTO? No apparent gearbox. Nothing under the hood. ????

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