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1952 CJ-3A Weiser, ID $4200


Seller provides lots of information. Has an f-head.

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1952 Willys Jeep CJ3A runs great
Bought this jeep as a non-running project, it had been stored indoors for 23 years.
It now runs great and is in very good condition.
Compared to most classic jeeps this has minimal rust.
It has a few little dents and battle scars, and would look really sharp
with a new paint job, unfortunately I’m not good at body work.
As you can see it has been slightly modified. The original L-head engine was replaced many years ago with a good F-head jeep engine. This gives you a little more horsepower. Because the F-head sits higher in the engine bay a hole was cut in the hood to make room for the carburetor.

A previous owner also converted it to a 12 volt system.
The tires are old, but all hold air and have decent tread.
The wheels are 15 inch, I’m not sure if they are jeep wheels or not.
The speedometer, oil pressure gauge, temperature gauge, and ammeter all work.
The gas gauge does not.
It has lockout hubs, which save wear and tear on the front end.
I have the doors that go with the top, it’s just more fun to drive with them off.
I know some people don’t like hard tops on their jeeps.
I can remove this if you buy the jeep and knock a few hundred off the price.

Here is a list of some of the work I’ve done to it:
1. Installed new Solex carburetor and air filter
2. Installed new muffler and tail pipe
3. Installed 4 new brake wheel cylinders
4. Installed new master brake cylinder
5. Installed 4 new shocks
6. New belt and heater hose
7. All new fluids (engine oil and filter, tranny and transfer case oil, front and rear differentials, brake fluid, and antifreeze)
8. Lubed all grease zirks
9. New speedometer cable
10. Replaced fuel filter
11. Replaced horn
12. Installed inside mirror and side mirror
13. Replaced 4 oil pinion seals to transfer case and both differentials
14. New spark plug wires and some of the ignition wires
15. Installed a good battery
16. Cleaned the fuel pump
17. Installed aftermarket seat cushions
You can drive it and enjoy it just like it is,
but if you are going to drive it into the hills or far from home,

I would recommend:
1. Change the wiring to the lights
2. Replace the gas tank, or have it lined (it has a little rust inside)
3. Replace the fuel line (from the tank to the fuel pump)
4. Replace the brake lines
5. Possibly replace all the tires, for sure the spare”


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