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1986 Frankston, TX $26,000

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This custom build is a little different.

“86 Stainless steel Willis jeep 9 inc Ford Rear end 4 speed transmission 350 motor bord 30 over with a 280 comp cam”

1986-stainless-steel-flattie-frankson-tx0 1986-stainless-steel-flattie-frankson-tx1 1986-stainless-steel-flattie-frankson-tx2 1986-stainless-steel-flattie-frankson-tx3

1986-stainless-steel-flattie-frankson-tx4 1986-stainless-steel-flattie-frankson-tx5 1986-stainless-steel-flattie-frankson-tx6


5 Comments on “1986 Frankston, TX $26,000

  1. Mike

    Where is the jeep? way too radical to sell in today’s marketplace. One man’s dream, is another man’s nightmare. What could possibly be the reason for such a strange creation? Maybe an abundance of money & leisure time, with a dose of LSD.

  2. Barney Goodwin

    A cross between something out of Soulplane (Starring Snoop Dog) and a Jeepney. Comes with mushrooms?
    I do like the nod to the MB with the handles.

  3. Bingo

    Ya’ll can’t deny, that guy’s a craftsman. They do everythang big in TX, don’t they? Although, considering the floor pan, this was made fer ‘little people’.

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