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Koenig 535 Half Cab Valparaiso, IN $250


Appears worth a look.

“Koenig hard 1/2 top CJ2A, CJ-3A, CJ 3B jeeps it came off a 65 CJ 5 . Model Number #535 It comes with both doors- see pics”



4 Comments on “Koenig 535 Half Cab Valparaiso, IN $250

  1. David Eilers Post author

    The seller’s comment is a little confusing. While this top may have come with a CJ-5, it wouldn’t have fit that CJ-5 very well. It likely wouldn’t have fit a 3B well.

    Size-wise, the 2As and 3As should interchange (though how they attach to the windshield would differ). The 3Bs would have slightly different doors, due to the higher hood and slightly different windshield angle. The CJ-5 half cab would have different doors and a wider front to fit the CJ-5s wider windshield. So, it’s not a one-size fits all situation.

    – Dave

  2. Terry

    To clear things up a little, a Koenig #535 will fit a CJ 5 only, with a 1975 or earlier windshield frame (M38- a1 also ). The Koenig half top for the CJ2a is # 235 and will not fit the CJ 3a or 3B . The half top for the CJ 3A and CJ 3B is #335, they are the same, a small sheet metal filler was supplied for the door post to adapt to the CJ 3B . A hint when buying any Jeep hard top, make sure you get all the parts, hinges, door posts, fillers and brackets !!!!

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