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1945 Wood Jeep

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This wooden jeep popped up on eBay last week. After reading the description “To my Wife — Love Joe 5/20/1945 “. I decided to purchase it (Joe-in-Mesa, you didn’t make this for Jan, did you?). I supposed it’s possible that the message isn’t real and it’s less that 75 years old, but I prefer to think it was assembled for someone’s loving wife.

The jeep has been assembled from a few different pieces, but doesn’t look like any kit jeep that I’ve seen or own. The steering wheel is loose, but not broken. The nail needs to be pressed back down. The jeep is 5″ long by 2 1/2” wide.

1945-05-joe-wood-jeep-carved1-lores 1945-05-joe-wood-jeep-carved2-lores 1945-05-joe-wood-jeep-carved3-lores

1945-05-joe-wood-jeep-carved4-lores 1945-05-joe-wood-jeep-carved5-lores 1945-05-joe-wood-jeep-carved6-lores 1945-05-joe-wood-jeep-carved7-lores


3 Comments on “1945 Wood Jeep

  1. Joe in Mesa

    That’s a great find, Dave! But I tend to get jeeps as gifts, rather than give them (even from Jan …and a wooden one from my daughter Joanna). This “Joe” in 1945 had some real skills. I wonder if he turned the wheels on a lathe or re-used wheels from another toy. The marks at the sides of the cowl suggest it had a windshield; I wonder if it was wood or wire? There’s probably a WWII Veteran’s story here I wish we knew.

  2. David Eilers Post author


    That’s a good point. It doesn’t seem like it had a windshield. Wood or Metal? I would think metal, but who knows? I can try to build one.

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