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1967 Jeepster Convertible Sun Valley, ID Auction

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This nice looking Jeepster Convertible will be auctioned on Saturday, September 5th.



One comment on “1967 Jeepster Convertible Sun Valley, ID Auction

  1. Mark J

    That is almost identical to the one that Bit me with the 4×4 (Jeep) bug ! I was 7 and was brought along on a clam digging trip to Craines Beach in Ipswitch Mass. It would have been 1966 I guess and in those days you could go out on the beach and in the dunes . We got lots of clams and then went to do a few dunes. On the second dune, the owners dog saw some deer and took off after them. We spent the next hour or so chasing that dog over Dune after dune and I was hooked on 4 wheel drive and off roading for life ! M

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