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1979 CJ-5 San Antonio, TX $3500

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I wonder what this is like to drive from the top deck?

“Jeep Wrangler CJ5 double decker hunting Jeep. Top deck can be removed.”

1979-cj5-sanantonio-tx1 1979-cj5-sanantonio-tx2 1979-cj5-sanantonio-tx3 1979-cj5-sanantonio-tx4


4 Comments on “1979 CJ-5 San Antonio, TX $3500

  1. Mike

    TEXAS, of course, of course, drive this Jeep in any other state, most likely get arrested. Submitted for your consideration, why would anybody put so much time and effort, in building a killing machine such as this? SICK… Hunting is a sport, that I understand this, I don’t.

  2. Joe in Mesa

    Looks like a great set up around which to create one of those amazing Burning Man vehicle creations… at a tempting price!

  3. Mark S.

    Would need to see in person, but with all the add-ons removed, this may be a fairly stock CJ-5 worth $3500. I would like to see details of how the upper deck steering functions.

  4. Brian Lawrenz

    They use these in west Texas for hunting the scrub brush country. Gets you above cactus and mesquite. Mobile deer stand if you will.

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