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June 1951 Salesbuilder Magazine

This June 1951 Salesbuilder Magazine was volume 3, number 6. This issue includes a three page look at the Farm Jeep and Jeep Tractor vehicles and the Jeep-branded farm equipment. A large number of 1951 wagon-related advertising pieces are shown on the first few pages.

There’s also a number of Laurel C. Worman dealership photos, include pics of his Willys wagons on the front page and examples of his wagons stenciled with “Welcome Wagon” on the back page. Finally, thanks go to Barry Thomas for helping me snag this issue.

1951-06-vol3-no6-salesbuilder-1-lores 1951-06-vol3-no6-salesbuilder-2-lores 1951-06-vol3-no6-salesbuilder-3-lores 1951-06-vol3-no6-salesbuilder-4-lores 1951-06-vol3-no6-salesbuilder-5-lores

1951-06-vol3-no6-salesbuilder-6-lores 1951-06-vol3-no6-salesbuilder-7-lores 1951-06-vol3-no6-salesbuilder-8-lores 1951-06-vol3-no6-salesbuilder-9-lores 1951-06-vol3-no6-salesbuilder-10-11-lores 1951-06-vol3-no6-salesbuilder-12-13-lores 1951-06-vol3-no6-salesbuilder-14-lores 1951-06-vol3-no6-salesbuilder-17-lores 1951-06-vol3-no6-salesbuilder-15-lores 1951-06-vol3-no6-salesbuilder-16-lores 1951-06-vol3-no6-salesbuilder-18-lores 1951-06-vol3-no6-salesbuilder-19-lores 1951-06-vol3-no6-salesbuilder-20-lores




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