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Year? DJ-3A St. Paul, MN $2400


Seller lists this a a CJ-3A on the sign, but then lists it as a 1955 DJ-3A in the description. I’d say it is a 1957 or later. Seller needs it gone.
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“I have this super cool old rare jeep. It’s a 1955 Willys Kaiser DJ-3A. Military 134L engine has been just rebuilt and runs great. It has been converted to 12volt and charges great. 3 speed T90 manual transmission works good. The wiring, lights, blinkers, brakes and emergency brake all work. Good oil pressure and temperature stays good. Can get in and drive anywhere you want. However there are some quirks… The gas gauge and speedometer don’t work. And this vehicle doesn’t have a title and will be sold with a bill off sale. There is also no windshield or tailgate.

These are rare and the engine is even rarer. This could be perfect for a drivetrain swap into your restoration or as a good bones start to your own restoration. For jeeps of this style and age there is virtually no rust and the frame is solid. I am asking $2400 and of course with winter coming I need it out of the garage so feel free to make an offer as I do want it gone.”




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  1. Colin Peabody

    This DJ3A is probably later than 1957, but it is an Airport Conveyor Jeep for loading luggage and freight into aircraft. That’s why the right rear corner looks different, so the conveyor mechanism will clear, and the fuel tank opening is moved for the same reason. Also why it doesn’t have a tailgate or windshield.

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