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April 1948? Newspaper-like Brochure

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This “America’s Most Versatile Farm Tool” newspaper-like advertising piece (though printed on a heavier weight material than newsprint) is marked 484A250, which may mean it was published in April of 1948.

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2 Comments on “April 1948? Newspaper-like Brochure

  1. Barry

    The photos of the hydraulic lift are of the early Love model. You can tell by the “J” attachment link between the lift arm and the implement arm. It is visible on the plow photo. I would date those photos from 1946. Doesn’t mean the brochure was printed earlier, because we know Willys often used stock photos of older models. In 1948, I would have expected to see a Newgren lift.

  2. David Eilers Post author


    I always thought it was an earlier brochure, which is why I was surprised when I saw the form number. And, most of the pics, as you note, are early ones. My date interpretation could definitely be off on this one.

    Perhaps the only ‘later’ item is the semi-script of “4 Wheel Drive“, which I have haven’t found earlier than August of 1947 (discussed here about half-way down:

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