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1953 CJ-3B Ads

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This first CJ-3B focused ad was published in the April 09, 1953, issue of the Barre Daily Times out of Barre, Vermont. It demonstrated how the Universal ‘Jeep’ “Pays its way Fast!”. It was paid for by Vermont-Willys, INC.

Clipping from The Barre Daily Times -

April 09, 1953, in the Barre Daily Times out of Barre, Vermont.

This next ad appeared two weeks later in the April 21, 1953, issue of the Sentinel out of Carlisle, Pennsylvania. It was sponsored by the William Peiper Garage.

Clipping from The Sentinel -


2 Comments on “1953 CJ-3B Ads

  1. Morgan

    The second ad is from my hometown, Carlisle, Pa. I believe ‘Peiper’s Auto Parts’ grew out of their garage business. Their store was a go-to source for most auto parts, where I was a regular customer (more than 40 years ago!), learning to keep my ‘tired iron’ on the road! They sat 4 or 5 blocks east of the square, behind a used car lot that featured a landmark 20 foot tall fiberglass Indian as a customer draw. The car lot displayed the ‘Big Indian’, (as most of us called it), to celebrate the Washington Redskins football team, who used Dickinson College in Carlisle as their ‘summer camp’ in those days. Carlisle is also famous for the Carlisle Car Shows which take place at the fairgrounds. And, … Jeeps appear there now and then.

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