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RLT Development’s Husky R.V. Jeep Kit

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UPDATE III: Robert’s RLT Husky

rlt-husky-jeep1 rlt-husky-jeep2

UPDATE II:  Ray sent some pics of a Husky he built in 1992. (Also, if you are in the UK, I know of a Husky kit jeep for sale in Jersey)

Ray built this RLT Husky R.V. atop a Ford Escort MK2 chassis. It took Ray 2 years to build his rig. He combined the kit with original parts. As you can see, it is one of the more authentic looking Husky-jeeps built from the kit. Ray sold his RLT Husky in 1995.

ray-rv-kit2 ray-rv-kit1


Originally posted August of 2013:


Sometimes called the Husky R.V. or the R.L.T. Husky, this Jeep Kit was sold out of the UK and used atop a Ford Taurus or Ford Escort Mark IV (and other cars?). It was available for an unknown period during the 1980s and 1990s.

“R.V. – Rugged and Versatile aptly describes these tough, reliable and inexpensive all-weather vehicles. The unique exterior MDF body combines great strength with structural rigidity and will not rust, crack, craze or splinter, yet is easy to repair.

The sturdy steel chassis, with substantial (de)fenders front & rear, is built for long life, stability and to cope with rugged conditions. Seating can vary from 2 fronts with a rear load space, which can be fitted with forward, rearward or inward facing rear seats, accessed via a ‘walk-thru’ from the front can be accommodated by simple modification to the cutting and assembly process, or the rear zip up rear hood window, with or without the optional opening tailgate

Fold-flat windscreen. Ford front engine/RWD ensures safe predictable handling, amazing traction and reliable mechanics. Nimble as an Escort, the HUSKY turns tighter than a London Taxi and yet provides a comfortable ride even over rough terrain. Safety options include a hefty Roll Bar, front Nudge Bar and chassis mounted Side Impact bars/steps”

Some pictures:





IMAGE LINKS:  Use these links to see the above large res images herehere, here, and here.


10 Comments on “RLT Development’s Husky R.V. Jeep Kit

  1. Maury

    “The unique exterior MDF body…..”

    Um…..MDF?….as in Medium Density Fiberboard?

    If so, it’s hard to imagine that material surviving very long in an on-road environment….much less offroad!

  2. David Eilers

    Maury, I too was puzzled by the MDF reference. Apparently, there is some water resistant MDF in the UK. That said, the MDF body might explain why so few of these are left in the UK.

  3. John Wickes

    I built one, it swelled up and was ruined within a year, even though it was water-resistant pressure-treated exterior quality MDF, then coasted with PVA, etch primed & painted. Useless notion that it’d work I guess. Waste of build time and effort. Stupid idea.

  4. mick thomas

    i have one built in 1993 body still very solid just odd bit of cracking on bonnet hindge area

  5. David Eilers

    Mick: That’s great to hear. If you’d ever like to send some pics for me to share, I’d appreciate it. You can contact me at d @ (remove spaces around the @).

    John: I missed your comment at some point. I think your experience explains why not too many exist.

  6. Ray Garrood

    I built an RLT Husky. Supplied by John Cowperthwait in 1992.
    2 year build with Escort mk2 base.
    Lots of original Willys Jeep parts were used during construction.
    Sold in 95
    Some photos available if required.
    Ray Garrood
    Member of Invicta Preservation Society, G503 group.

  7. Robert U'Ren

    Robert U’Ren
    I would like a 1600cc or 2 litre rlt husky or similar kit jeep, 2wd is fine for me, ford escort or sierra please get in touch through my website willysjeepuk or call 01548521278 Totnes Devon

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