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Willys Parts Collection Hesperia, CA **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was Make Offer.

Seller would like potential buyers to see the parts at his place and his dad’s to see what’s all there. Seller doesn’t have the time to part it all out.

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“Hello, I have a somewhat large Willys parts collection that i would like to sell. Its a collection from my dad and i dating back to the 1980’s. He is 80 and no longer has interest in keeping most of it and honestly there’s so much stuff i don’t really know what all is there. Included are multiple engines, sheet metal, interior parts, transmissions, transfer cases, axles, frames, etc. for wagons, trucks, jeepsters, cj2 cj3, mb and maybe a few cabover parts, trash cans full of parts, containers full of part, etc. There might be a few NOS parts too but I have to look and see what i might keep as i’m likely gonna keep one or two of the Willys vehicles as my kids have been wanting a father kid classic car project. I would like someone who can come to my place in Hesperia and my dads in Riverside to see it all. Keep what you want and sell the rest to other Willys enthusiasts. I don’t have time to part it out or deal with those that are looking for a few parts. Tried that before and it was a big waste of time. Pics only show a part of whats there. Please understand that you will need a decent amount of storage space for all this, preferably inside storage and much of it is very heavy and it will take multiple loads so be realistic. Thanks”


4 Comments on “Willys Parts Collection Hesperia, CA **SOLD**

  1. Mike

    In today’s marketplace, there seems to be an abundance of used Willys Jeep parts that will never sell. How many times have we seen similar posts like this, repeated time and time again over the years. Even some of the long established names have ended up selling most of this stock for scrap. This is not meant to be a critical statement, just the facts, difficult for the average working guy to enjoy his hobby and make it profitable.

  2. Chuck

    I’m always excited when reading this ads…..until…..I get to the part where I have to buy ALL of it. 😒

  3. Dan B.

    @Chuck, yeah it’s like saving up for a new car and then going to the dealer, only to find out you have to buy every car on the lot as a package.

    While there are a few Willys businesses around the country who would be interested, it’s a tough lift logistically as well as a challenge to assign value from a bulk parts purchase.

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