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August 1948 Joe Drew Fishing Wagon Brochure

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Joe Drew outfitted a series of wagon modifications that are highlighted in this brochure. I tried to learn more about Joe Drew, but didn’t have any luck. This is form number: 4x463SW-M2-50M-8-48. It is a tri-fold brochure that also folds out to create a single large image.

1948-08-wagon-brochure-form-4x463SW-M2-50M-8-48-1-lores 1948-08-wagon-brochure-form-4x463SW-M2-50M-8-48-2-lores

This is the page when the tri-fold portion is fully opened.

This is the full center page:

1948-08-wagon-brochure-form-4x463SW-M2-50M-8-48-4-lores 1948-08-wagon-brochure-form-4x463SW-M2-50M-8-48-5-lores

This is the back side when the brochure is fully opened:





5 Comments on “August 1948 Joe Drew Fishing Wagon Brochure

  1. Mike

    I wonder if “Joe Drew” was just a creation of the Willys advertising dept? Notice the quotation marks in “Joe Drew”. Decades old way of referencing fictional characters. Could explain why no information was found.

  2. Bingo

    The ‘Jeep’ badge is pictured here in ’48. They put brass ones on the ’50 models, exclusively. Too “expensive” to produce I reckon.

  3. David Eilers Post author

    Bingo, glad you brought that up. I need to investigate this as I thought it seemed early for that particular badge…

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