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1965 CJ-3B Yakima, WA $12,000


UPDATE: Price dropped to $12,000.

This late model CJ-3B looks nice. The last photo looks like the Yakima area in the background, but the others do not.

“1965 CJ-3B is the latest production CJ-3B we know of which was sold domestically in the U.S. It was built in December 1964.”

1965-cj3b-yakima-wa-7 1965-cj3b-yakima-wa-8 1965-cj3b-yakima-wa-9


6 Comments on “1965 CJ-3B Yakima, WA $12,000

  1. David Eilers Post author

    Peter, thanks for identifying that. Either it is a scam or the seller may not be very photo/computer savvy.

  2. Blaine

    The address given is a legitimate address for Congdon Orchards Inc. in Yakima. Ten years ago I use to drive right past it about ten times per month for a few years.

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