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1981 CJ-8 Scrambler Chicago, IL $2500

• CATEGORIES: Other 4x4s

This is just odd. This price can’t be correct, but it seems to be listed on this ad and on the dealership facebook page. Strangely, every other vehicle on the company’s FB page is exceptionally low, too. Something doesn’t seem right.

https://. /marketplace/item/3664044406943028/

1981-cj8-scrambler-chicago-il2 1981-cj8-scrambler-chicago-il


5 Comments on “1981 CJ-8 Scrambler Chicago, IL $2500

  1. Chad

    This seems more and more common in FB ads these days. Dealerships are either “pricing” vehicles at the down payment they require, or they are deliberately listing a deceitful low price to get you to contact them. I see this frequently from a dealer in Shreveport, LA, whose ads often appear in my searches.

  2. Bingo

    I’m familiar w/that area Dave. A lot of car dealers along Western Ave./Blvd. My guess is that the price listed is the fee you gotta put in the Alderman’s/City Hall’s pocket, before you can proceed to do any legit’ business. Dat’s just da way it werks in Chicago!

  3. David Eilers Post author

    It’s not something I’ve seen, but sure seems like a violation of state law to me, given there’s no disclaimers or explanations included in the ad. Specifically, Illinois law states in Section 475.210 under Clear and Conspicuous − Disclosure of Material Terms:
    “It is an unfair or deceptive act to advertise, offer for sale or sell any motor vehicle without disclosing all material terms and conditions relating to the offer clearly and conspicuously at the outset of the offer so as to leave no reasonable probability that the offering might be misunderstood. Material terms include, without limitation, those mandated by federal law including, but not limited to, those Acts listed in Section 475.250, or state law, or without which the advertisement would be false or misleading.”


    If it’s got a gmail address, it’s definitely a scam…see a lot of fake posts in Des Moines Craigslist postings…..I flag them all….

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