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1985 Toyota Truck/House Big Lake, MN $6000

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Not a jeep, but a unique vehicle for sure. The “house” is framed in 2x4s. That’s got to be heavy.

“Looking to build a fish house, a she shed, or a tiny house? Here’s a start! Built on a toyota dolphin chassis, 5 speed manual transmission with the 22R engine. Needs to be finished out, and the engine needs fuel lines at least probably a battery or two also. Or it could be removed from the pickup and turned into a she-shed. There are many possibilities! The camper portion measures about 7 feet x 12 feet on the floor with a 4 foot cab over section. It has full 8 foot walls inside 2×4 construction vaulted ceiling. Outside measures about 12 foot 6 inches tall and almost 16 feet long by almost 8 feet wide.”

1985-toyota-house-truck-biglake-mn1 1985-toyota-house-truck-biglake-mn2 1985-toyota-house-truck-biglake-mn3 1985-toyota-house-truck-biglake-mn4


3 Comments on “1985 Toyota Truck/House Big Lake, MN $6000

  1. squidtone

    I remember years ago seeing a small Toyota pickup like that with a built on chassis camper on the back. About that size in the photo above. I watched it turn at normal speed into a bank entrance with a very slight bump at the beginning of the entrance. The Toyota lurched and one of the front wheels lifted off the ground for about 6 feet. I told myself I would NEVER get into one of those things.

  2. Blaine

    I have a customer with one of the Toyota Micro Mini Motorhomes. His lurched and swayed too. I had ‘Firm Feel’ in Vancouver build a 1 1/8 rear swaybar. He said it was HUGE improvement.

  3. David Eilers Post author

    Blaine … Ann had one of those Toyota motorhomes, so she got a kick out of this pic. She said it was an adventure to drive.

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