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1942 GPW Salado, TX $5500


No pics provided.

“For Sale: 1942 Ford GPW. Complete. Comes with two motors. T-84 transmission. Square front cross-member. Embossed tool storage lids. “F” script throughout. 30+ years in the back of a barn, pulled out over the weekend. No title.
This jeep has been repaired multiple times, it’s got some wear, but it’s an original Ford GPW. It does not have the rear seat. It does not have the front seat cushions. The motor(s) are both rebuildable, but neither is installed in the jeep. They’ll be in the back for you when you get here. Bring your trailer and $5500.00 in cash or have cash and some nice quality, serial-numbered home protection devices with CASH.
Pictures furnished upon request, but really, you need to see this in person.
The Ford GPW jeep is located on our ranch in Salado, Texas 76571. If you are reading this add, the jeep is still for sale. I can and will deliver the jeep for gas, mileage and time as we agree, but you have to pay for the jeep in full and your funds must clear my bank before the jeep is delivered. You can pay for delivery when the jeep is where you want it.
Please voice call or text for more information.”


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