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Just a Few Updates Wed


I’m pretty sure there won’t be many updates between Wed and Sunday the way things are going. There’s lots of driving and lots of pup management.



4 Comments on “Just a Few Updates Wed

  1. rdjeep

    Remember doing the pup run ourselves, about 14 years ago. It was up-state Pennsylvania though. Cold, recent snow, and an alternator that stopped charging on the way. Had it looked at by a J.C. Penney garage by the hotel we limped into. When I went to pick the Cherokee up, they said “no charge” (no pun intended). Apparently it started working again, and since it appeared ok, they didn’t want any money. That would have NEVER happened in the city. I slipped the mechanic a twenty on the side for his efforts.

    Safe travels!

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Thanks guys. We are in Nebraska. We need to be home Sat night to beat the snow in the Oregon Blue Mountains.

    Dave: On Wed night we had to race up to Monticello to pick up the pup at 11:00pm to avoid Thursday morning’s weather. We left Minneapolis at 8am as frozen rain was beginning to rain down on us. There were a small number of accidents, so we (and most everyone) drove south carefully.

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