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June 1946 Surplus Jeep Sales w/ Serial Numbers

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UPDATE: I’ve added high-resolution examples of each of these articles. You can download the zipped file here:

This is a cool find. It announces the first sale of jeeps to veterans in Hawaii for personal use (as well as business). There have got to be a few jeeps still around that originated at this surplus sale. This was published in the June 01, 1946, issue of the Hawaii Tribune-Herald (page 4). I’ve divided up the list into multiple images. At the bottom of this post is a link for the entire clipping.


First of three lists:1946-06-01-hawaii-tribune-herald-surplus-jeep-serial-number1

Second List:

1946-06-01-hawaii-tribune-herald-surplus-jeep-serial-number2Third list:

Original Ad:



5 Comments on “June 1946 Surplus Jeep Sales w/ Serial Numbers

  1. Tom Wolboldt

    Is there a hi-res version of these Hawaiian surplus sales ? The photos in the links are unreadable when enlarged to be able to read the details.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    I thought I had made them large enough to read, but maybe that didn’t work. Indeed, I do have hi res. I will try to get something setup tomorrow (I am still on the road and dodging a coming snow storm tomorrow). I will notify you when I post them.

  3. Kurt in Renton

    What s gold mine if information for someone that can find their serial number. I wish i could find more information on my M38. No luck so far on figuring out the original hood number.

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