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1942 MB? Boise, ID $3500


Running when parked project.

“Great project for the winter. This Willy’s has a straight 6 engine that I’m told was running when it was parked. I’m selling this for my mother in law as it was a future project for my late father in law. Not sure on the mileage. Have title in hand.”

1942-mb-boise-ida6 1942-mb-boise-ida7 1942-mb-boise-ida8 1942-mb-boise-ida9


One comment on “1942 MB? Boise, ID $3500

  1. Joe in Mesa

    A good project… but as a 1942 (WWII jeep) it needs everything: wrong engine, windscreen, seats, wheels, tool indents, stock bumpers, and most noticeably it lacks the iconic 9-slot WWII grill (or slat grill if it was early enough?).
    Interesting roll bar looks heavy.

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