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1960 CJ-3B Grafton, MA $6500


This has an odd dash setup. I **think** someone has taken a replacement tub and added a custom taller cowl over the original cowl to turn it into a 3Bish tub.

“1960 Willys CJ3B T90 Trans V6 Runs good My father owned this for about 30 years. Used for hunting and around town. This was towed up to Maine every year”

1960-cj3b-grafton-ma0 1960-cj3b-grafton-ma1 1960-cj3b-grafton-ma2 1960-cj3b-grafton-ma3 1960-cj3b-grafton-ma4


2 Comments on “1960 CJ-3B Grafton, MA $6500

  1. Galen Horton

    That’s an M38 tub they converted to a 3B, most likely to fit the V6 (mentioned but not pictured) without having to cut a hood, just used a 3B Hood & grill so it would all work right.

  2. Kurt in Renton

    I hate to see that done to a M38 but the guy had a good idea. Defrosters and all the comforts.

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