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John Ittel Passed Away Yesterday

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John Ittel at age 16 in his first vehicle, a 1947 CJ-2A.

I received word yesterday that John Ittel passed away yesterday. He was well known at the annual Willys Jeep Rally for his collection of PTOs, lifts, and farm equipment. While I missed a chance to meet him, I did work with him in 2013 to purchase and ship him a rare Farm Aide Lift (see all the before/after pics here) from a farmer near me to his place in Ohio.

Here’s the Farm Aide lift’s condition before restoration:


Farm Aide Lift before John Ittel’s restoration

To make sure the lift arrived safely, I engineered a special crate for it. When John received it, he mentioned that he liked my crate and that I should go in to the crate building business. We both had a virtual laugh about that.

My warmest thoughts to his family.


The ‘great’ crate of 2013

This pic shows the Farm Aide lift in 2016, post restoration:


The Farm Aide lift after John’s restoration of it. (see all the before/after pics here)


9 Comments on “John Ittel Passed Away Yesterday

  1. Patrick Keane

    What a shame. The Hueston Woods show will not be the same. John’s working Jeep display on his farm was the highlight of the show. The trail ride thru his woods was also a highlight. Sad news.

  2. Tom in Paris

    I’m sorry to see that news. The trail ride on his farm and the equipment demonstrations there were always a great time at the rally.

  3. Ted Jordan

    What a huge loss, prayers to John’s family and all his friends. Although I also never had the chance to meet John we’ve been friends for quite a few years and emailing back and forth sharing all kinds of crazy Willys PTO and anything related info. His collection is one of the best ever accumulated and he was a true gentleman and asset to anyone who reached out to him for any of his years of wisdom on all things Willys. His collection of Willys Jeeps is one of the best around and most extensively equipped as well. I will regret forever not finding or making the time to get out to one of his shows to meet him in person and see the Jeeps at work.
    RIP John

  4. Nick

    Very sad news, John was a great person and always happy to share his passion for Jeeps. I enjoyed talking with him at the shows. He will be missed.

  5. Doug in Ohio

    Sad news indeed.I never spoke or met John but seeing the pictures of the show had hoped to get to the Heuston Woods show someday.

  6. Eric Jarvis

    What sad news. I have met John and what a nice and knowledgeable man. The jeep Rally will not be the same. My thoughts and prayers are with his family . RIP John.

  7. Barry

    John was a true gentleman. I’ve never met a more generous person and he never wanted to talk about himself. He did love to talk about Jeeps. I asked John to tell us his Jeep story and you can see it here –

    You can read about the Jeep Rally demo that took place on John’s farm here –

    John would have been happier if I could have left his name out of the story and just talked about the Jeeps. We had planned to celebrate the story – as a tribute to the Jeep Rally – last spring, but the show was canceled.

    If there is a Jeep heaven, I know he is there.

  8. Dave Streithorst Kettering, Ohio

    Very sad news indeed. I will miss chatting with John during the Jeep Rally every year and participating in the event on his beautiful grounds. My condolences to his family.

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