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2 Meyer Snow Plow Optional Equipment Brochures

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These two brochures offer optional equipment for Meyer snow plows. I’ve been unable to make sense of the Meyer brochure numbers.

Form No. 3-208 is a four page brochure that highlights optional equipment for Meyer snow plows.


This center section utilizes two pages:meyer-form-3-208-2-lores

This is the back page:meyer-snowplow-form-208-3-lores


Form No. 3-217 is a one page brochure that highlights marker kits installed atop Meyer Snow plows to make them easier to see.



2 Comments on “2 Meyer Snow Plow Optional Equipment Brochures

  1. Mike

    I still have the original installation instructions from 1969 when I was installing a Meyer snow plow on my 1960 wagon. ( this is the 2 wheel drive wagon I bought for $50.00 from a local junk yard and converted to 4 wheel drive)
    As the story goes, so does Mike Finegan with another Jeep tale from the past.
    In the beginning, I had ordered a Western plow from John VanDine back in October, and here it is December, and still no plow. Enough of this, go to Mide Motors, pay cash, (money talks) and buy a Meyer plow. I had a plow the next day.
    So that weekend, I spent installing the plow and on a wet snowy Sunday afternoon, I hit a stumbling block, I couldn’t figure out how to install the pulley on the Monarch Hydraulic pump.
    Luckily, Uncle Joe saved the day, as always, he showed me the set screw that held the two piece pulley together. I always miss the obvious and must say, Uncle Joe was greater than Mighty Mouse when it came to saving the day. From that point on, I became part of SNOW PLOW HISTORY. P/S Still seeking a snow plow for my CJ5, the saga continues.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Another good story Mike. I’ve never used a snow plow, let alone a jeep snow plow.

    More snow plow brochures and details to come, including details of the pumps.

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