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More Willys Motors Pencils sold on

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UPDATE: This auction has a buy it now price of $9. The last batch of pencils sold for $8 on eBay.

View all the information on ebay

“You are bidding on a group of 8 Willy’s Motors  pencils  Most are the same ..There is “Willy’s on the Move” .Also a couple ‘H’ pencils  $4 Shipping”


(October 29th auction of Willys-Overland pencils:



7 Comments on “More Willys Motors Pencils sold on

  1. David Eilers Post author


    Sorry to hear it. I posted this auction as soon as I saw it. I was tempted to bid myself, but didn’t.

    – Dave

  2. Mike

    Win some lose some, I did have the winning bid on those 8 pages of Willys wagon magazine ads, that were listed on Ebay, delivered yesterday, from New Jersey, COOL.

  3. Mike

    Thanks Dave, And to be expected, if I ever become the proud owner of these Willys pencils, I have a “Pencil box” story to go along with it.

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